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Frequently Asked Questions

What size / tonnage Log Splitter do I actually need?

If most of your wood is very hard bluegum for example, and/or very large diameter, then you should look for a log splitter with a tonnage rating of at least 30T, such as the Wood-King 35T or the Split-Fire 4490. For almost any other type of timber, 20-30T is sufficient. It's important to be aware that log splitter tonnage doesn’t always truly reflect the splitting capability of the log splitter.

How much should I spend on a log splitter?

This depends on a huge range of factors. Our log splitters range in price from the Wood-King 22T for $2,480+GST up to the EXOCUT Commercial Splitter for over $30,000. We recommend talking to one of our friendly staff to discuss your requirements.

How fast are your log splitter cycle times?

We have a very wide range of wood splitters, with a wide range of cycle times. Our two-way log splitters such as the Split-Fire 3203 or the Split-Fire 3470 split both ways, greatly reducing the cycle time of the logsplitters.

Confused as to what log splitter suits you best?

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