The Smokey Goat Big Buck Standard Tow Behind Topper Mower is the ideal solution for mowing large grassed areas, including hilly terrain and bumpier paddocks.

  • 1500mm wide cutting width

  • 3x Kohler CV224 4-stroke petrol engines

  • Wheels beside the deck, better contour following in rough terrain

  • Adjustable Cut Height 30-180mm

  • Domestic Warranty: 24 Months on Mower, 36 Months on Engine

All for a 'Best Value' price - including engine oil and freight to your nearest Mainfreight Depot. (Note we can ship elsewhere - ask us for a quote!)

Tough and effective, the Smokey Goat Big Buck Standard mower will make mowing your paddocks easier. Capable of being towed by anything with a towball - quad bike, side-by-side, ute or even ride on mower, the Big Buck Hort will go wherever your towing vehicle will go.

With robust flotation tyres and anti-skid deck plates, the mower is well suited to handling paddock terrain. They are well capable of handling hilly terrain due to their low centre of gravity and pressurized oil sump - wherever your quad or towing vehicle goes, the Smokey Goat will go.

The Big Buck Standard model is particularly well adapted to mowing on hills and on bumpier paddocks, as the wheels beside the deck allow for excellent ground contouring and minimise the chance of scalping.

Standard Model

The Big Buck Standard model is particularly well adapted to mowing on hills and on bumpier paddocks, as the wheels being set beside the deck allow for excellent ground contouring and minimise the chance of scalping.

If you want to mow close to trees, orchard/vineyard rows or fence lines, you should consider the Smokey Goat Big Buck Hort topper mower.

What can the Smokey Goat mow?

The Smokey Goat can mow a wide range of grasses and weeds, from ryegrasses to cocksfoot to kikuyu to thistles even to small gorse. Every paddock is different - contact us today to discuss your specific requirements!

Effective Blade Design

The Smokey Goat Mower utilizes a disc and flail blade design. The flail blade swings out of the way of any foreign items the mower is travelling over, protecting the engine. The unique direct drive setup eliminates the need for belt drive which can be an expensive hassle.

A Quality, NZ-Built Mower

We build Smokey Goat mowers right here in Nelson NZ, and put a lot of effort into ensuring they are built to a standard and not to a price. From the heavy duty, heavily gusseted deck design, to the robust zinc +  powdercoating paint job, and Australian-made hardened spring steel blades, Smokey Goat mowers are built to last. 

Kohler Engines

We run Kohler engines because they offer greater power and excellent reliability. They are easy to start and very well supported in New Zealand.

On the Big Buck Standard we run the CV 224 engine - a very powerful 224cc engine, developing approx 7.5hp per engine. These engines are easy to start and also perform very well on hills.

Why use a tow behind mower?

Tow behind mowers are the simple solution to keeping your paddocks under control for a number of reasons:

  1. No hassles or power loss associated with belt driven mowers
  2. Simpler & Lower Maintenance than a flail mower
  3. Tougher than a ride on mower
  4. Quicker to connect than a tractor mower
  • Product Code: SG.BB150-K-04
  • Cut Width: 1500mm
  • Total Width: 1960mm
  • Cut Height Adjustment: 30mm to 180mm 
  • Tow Coupling: 1 7/8"
  • Engine: 3 x Kohler CV 224cc
  • Chassis: 4mm steel body with box reinforcing frame
  • Weight: 190kg
  • 24 Months: Mower deck, axle, height adjuster
  • 36 Months: Engine (backed by Kohler, not by Taskpower)
  • Excludes freight, travel and transport costs
  • Excludes blades, blade components and normal wear and tear.
  • Warranty for original purchaser only, not transferable

Item is Freight Free to your nearest Mainfreight Depot.

We can freight anywhere in NZ - usually for small additional cost. Please ask for a quote.

The unit comes shipped on a pallet. For Smokey Goat Mowers, minimal assembly is required - all you need to do is assemble the drawbar onto the machine and you're ready to go!

All Smokey Goat mowers come with engine oil shipped in the engines, but please check this when you receive your mower.

Customer Reviews

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Got it, Love it.

I am amazed as to where that machine goes. Some spots were very sketchy but it cruised sweet as...even if the driver was close to needing new undies. Got into so many places the tractor couldn't go or any sane person would take one, which was part of the plan.
My 600cc CFMoto side by side is near a perfect match, tows it effortlessly.
Grass was well over knee-high and as long as I cruised she did the business real well. Some of the grasses are close to a metre high.
I now wait until about 5-6pm when it cools a bit, load a couple of beverages, crank up the tunes then take the Smokey out and put 1 tank of gas thru the Kohlers. A nice way to wind down at the end of the day and cover a nice amount of paddock at the same time.

You have a new fan here.


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