Smokey Goat Big Buck Hort Topper Mower Quick Facts

  • 1500mm wide cutting width

  • 3x Kohler CV224 4-stroke petrol engines

  • Wheels behind the deck, allowing you to mow closer to fences/gateways

  • Adjustable Cut Height 30-180mm

  • Domestic Warranty: 24 Months on Mower, 36 Months on Engine

Price includes engine oil, and freight to your nearest Mainfreight Depot

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    The Smokey Goat Big Buck Hort is a tough and effective tow behind topper mower. Tow behind your quad bike, side by side, ute or other offroad vehicle.

    Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, these mowers are the ideal solution for controlling large areas of grass!

    The Smokey Goat can mow a wide range of grasses and weeds. Every paddock is different - contact us today to discuss your specific requirements!

    Effective Blade Design: The Smokey Goat Mower utilizes a disc and flail blade design. The flail blade swings out of the way of any foreign items the mower is travelling over, protecting the engine. The unique direct drive setup eliminates the need for belt drive which can be an expensive hassle.

    Smokey Goat blades are manufactured in Australia from BHP Coil Steel, pressed and heat treated in Brisbane with Rockwell Hardness of between 38 to 42. 

    Hort Model: With wheels set behind the mowing deck, the Big Buck Hort Topper Mower can mow close to trees and fence lines etc. This is ideal for mowing in orchard or vineyard rows. If you're mowing in rough or uneven ground, it is recommended to consider the Smokey Goat Buck Buck Standard topper mower.

    Built Strong to Last: The robust, heavily gusseted deck is sandblasted and powder coated to ensure a long service life.  The reliable KOHLER engines are easy and simple to start, and the Kohler engines are well backed up in NZ. 

    No hassles or power loss associated with belt driven mowers
    Simpler & Lower Maintenance than a flail mower
    Tougher than a ride on mower
    Quicker to connect than a tractor mower
    Find out how a Smokey Goat Topper Mower can make paddock maintenance easier for you!

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