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Tractor Powered Log Splitters vs Motorised Log Splitters

August 04, 2021
Tractor Powered Log Splitters vs Motorised Log Splitters

Here at Taskpower, we have NZ's largest range of log splitters, including both tractor powered and motorised machines. Many customers considering buying a log splitter, own a tractor, so often consider both options.

There are pros and cons both ways! Here's some information to get you thinking.

Tractor Log Splitters



  • Generally get better value for money, as you aren't paying for an engine
  • Quieter, as you have a large diesel ticking away as opposed to a small stationary engine revving its heart out
  • Can be lowered to the ground allowing you to roll big logs on
  • If your property has hard-to-access areas, the tractor may be able to access these areas easier
  • More reliable - one less engine to worry about!
  • Many people are using the tractor with a grapple anyway when splitting wood, so it makes sense to have the splitter on the back
  • We offer the awesome Split-Fire machines, such as the 3203 and 3403 - which split both ways - giving you the ability to split both ways and very productively, without spending a whole lot of money
  • Harder to steal and borrow! 😉😉
  • Tends to have better resale value as there is simply less to go wrong


  • You can only use on the tractor, so if you sell the tractor in the future, you may be stuck
  • Takes time to mount to the tractor, not as versatile as a motorized machine which can be towed by anything

Motorised Log Splitters


  • Very versatile
  • Larger range to choose from
  • Doesn't tie up the tractor
  • Can be hired out and used by other family members more easily
  • Range of accessories available to customize to your needs


  • Tend to be more expensive for what you get - although the Wood-King machines are very good value for money
  • Higher-end machines are much more expensive than tractor powered units

Whichever option you choose, there are a number of other factors to consider, including health & safety - whether other staff will be using the splitter, your budget, your long-term goals, and what types of wood you're splitting.

We're here to help - so please contact us if you have any questions!

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