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The GR-150 G-Rake is an innovative excavator-mounted landscape rake. Manufactured in Ireland using top quality steel - including Hardox 450 on the toothed roller - the G-Rake is transforming lawn preparation and ground rehabilitation worldwide!

  • Recommended for 3.5T - 8T Excavators

The G-Rake consists of three functions which work together to create a seedbed ready for planting or turfing your lawn.

1. Front Rake - a tined fixed landscape rake to drag large stones/rocks in front of the machine for easy collection

2. Powered Toothed Roller - Hardox Toothed roller which works the ground up to a depth of 50mm to remove small stones and debris from the soil

3. Rear Packer Roller - Toothed packer roller to firm and level the seedbed ready for planting

The G-Rake can be mounted to an excavator, mini skid steer, front loader etc or other hydraulic tool carrier.

Unlike other stone gathering equipment, the G-Rake leaves small essential stones beneath the surface to store heat, retain the natural drainage capability of the soil, and keep the ground stable.

  • Product Code: GR150
  • Excavator Size Required: 3.5 - 8T
  • Working Width: 1500mm
  • Wearing parts: Rear Roller, Teeth and Front Rake all Hardox 450
  • Dimensions (LWH): 1750 x 870 x 520mm
  • Weight: 260kg
  • 12 Months from date of delivery
  • Includes faults due to materials or manufacture
  • Excludes travel, freight, taxes
  • Excludes loss of profit or any other direct or indirect loss
  • Not transferable from original owner


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