Are you looking for a tractor powered log splitter, but your tractor have insufficient oil flow?

Here is the answer!

The 3403-PTO is the great option for tractors not equipped with auxiliary hudraulic system or low hydraulic flow rates. Comes with a self-contained PTO kit that includes a 11.4GPM pump at 540rpm, giving a cycle time of approx 12 seconds per cycle.

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Safety is the purchaser's responsibility. As standard this machine is not designed for workplace use, as it features a single operator lever.

If you're looking to use this machine for business use, please also purchase our Dual Handle Control System here.

  • 12 Months from purchase date
  • Excludes transport, travel and freight
  • Warranty is void if machine is modified

Customer Reviews

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Complete Satisfaction

I split a load of eucalyptus this afternoon, with complete satisfaction. The 4-way blade is a real time-saver. It would have been a big mistake not to have chosen it. The detail design improvements compared to my friends self-powered model are worthwhile. Please thank whoever packed the splitter onto the pallet. It was carefully and thoughtfully done, with good protection where necessary. Thank you also for including Cat 1 to Cat 2 conversion bushes.


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