The GPD-40 FencePro is a very popular big brother to the 50mm chuck GPD-30 RanchPro. With a larger diameter chuck and correspondingly larger hammer to suit, this machine is capable of driving bigger posts with approximately 25% more driving force. Ideal for a wide range of situations:

  • Fencing Contractors or construction companies doing a range of Y-post sizes, including old waratahs
    - Fencing Contractors doing T-irons
    - 50mm pipe applications
    - 40mm x 50mm or 45mm x 45mm foundation boxing peg applications
    - Rebar for boxing pegs
    - Events companies
    This machine will transform any post / peg driving task with its power, and portability.


Stock due mid June 2024

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Key Features



  • Product Code: GPD-40 FencePro
  • Engine: Honda GX35 4-stroke engine
  • Chuck Diameter: 2 1/2 " / 63mm
  • Anti-Vibration System: CIS™ Vibration Dampening and padded grip
  • BPM: 1720 Beats per min. (approximate)
  • Dimensions: 280 x 356 x 610 mm
  • Other Technical Specs: One Piece Crankshaft,
    Heat-Treated Aircraft Quality Aluminium Castings,
    Hardened Steel Drive Components
  • Weight: 17.2kg
  • 12 Months from purchase date
  • Excludes transport, freight and indirect loss
  • Excludes misuse or accidental use.
  • Warranty is void if machine is modified
  • Engine is covered by engine manufacturer


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Very good

K.D. Cascade Whitebait

I previously used a hand rammer post driver. To drive a 2” steel pipe 2m into the ground was taking about 15-20 mins per pole.
The GPD40 can drive the same pole in less than 60 seconds!

Its a game changer

Machine is performing well, we're very pleased with it, its a game changer really. Certainly beats swinging a hammer!

Wee Beauty

The Rhino is a wee beauty. Certainly had no issues with it. We have given it a good workout doing tiedowns, that’s all its been doing, and it has performed very well. ...we'll be replacing [our other brand machines] with Rhinos, definitely. Keep on selling those machines, they're a great product

Revolutionary piece of kit

It's a life-saving machine - man alive! We've put in over 1800 waratahs now and there's no way we would have done it the old way. Revolutionary piece of kit.


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