The Klou KXG10 Excavator Fixed Rotating Multi-Grab is the ultimate versatile excavator grab. With a fixed rotator setup and ultra-strong construction, this unit is capable of handling many applications;

  • Timber - logs, brush, feeding chippers etc
  • Ideal for rock and stone placing
  • Posts & pipes
  • Scrap, refuse and demolition material
  • Can rip out fences, roots and vegetation

Key Features include;

  • Precise Operation - fixed mounting allows for much more precise operation and better / safer handling of trees
  • Reduced Height - more squat profile compared to a hanging grapple makes it more versatile
  • 5x Finger Tines - the 5-tine setup enables s the KXG10 to handle awkward shaped items easily
  • Extra Strong Grapple - manufactured from 25mm Hardox and gussetted
  • 3-Year Warranty 

See the Specifications Tab for more details and machine requirements.

Excavator Size - 2.0-8.0T

Max Opening - 962mm

Max Effective Diameter - 670mm

Minimum Closed Diameter - 50mm

Overall Weight (excl rotator/pin hitch) - 95kg

Min/Max Flow - 15L/min-60L/min

Min/Max Pressure - 150-250 bar

Hydraulic Requirements - 2-Supply / 2- Return

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