JAK-300-R Rotating Tree Shear is the largest modular tree shear in the JAK range. Capable of a range of tasks - tree topping, tree removal, land clearing and laneway trimming - on all angles and slopes, the JAK-300R is the ultimate versatile tree shear.

It is designed for use on excavators weighing more than 12 tons (26455 lbs). The R-Model is able to be customised with a range of accessories, including;

  • Rotator
  • Guillotine Cutting System
  • SuperSaw Cutting System

Designed for use on larger excavators, JAK-300 cuts the wood to be harvested neatly and precisely at the desired point from ground level. However, the efficiency of this tree shear is best noticed when faced with something more challenging than usual. Namely, JAK-300 also cuts larger trees effortlessly up to a thickness of 30 cm (11,8 in).

The jaws of the JAK-300 take an unmistakable grip on any wood. The wood that is firmly pressed by the shear is neatly cut thanks to the cutting blade. With the wide opening of the shear, several trees can also be cut at once, and the cutting force of the shear does not clot even with high mass. The high profile of JAK-300 ensures a firm grip on the wood during handling.

If necessary, the cutting blade can also be removed, in which case the tree shear acts as a wood grapple.

Some pictures show this machine with the optional rotator.

  • Product Code: JAK300-R
  • Max Cutting Diameter: 300mm*
  • Suitable Excavator Size: 12 - 20T
  • Working Pressure: 3600-4350psi
  • Required Oil Flow: 60L / min
  • Grapple Opening: 840mm
  • Impact Plate Height: 505mm
  • Weight JAK300-R: 510kg
  • Weight Rotator: 150kg

*Cutting diameter is maximum only for soft wood. Hardwood reduces effective cutting diameter. Maximum cutting capacity is only achieved at max working pressure.

  • 24 months - shear
  • 12 months - rotator
  • Excludes blade, hydraulic hoses, misuse, loss of earnings
  • Excludes transport, travel and freight
  • Warranty is void if JAK is modified


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