Newest to the JAK range of tree shears, the JAK-400C is a 400mm max capacity shear designed for excavators 14-30T.

With the cutting force concentrated on a single side of the jaw, the unit has a lighter structure whilst retaining immense strength, increasing the effective weight of green material that can be handled.

The blade is removeable allowing replacement in the long term, or allowing the shear grab to double as an effective heavy duty fixed bunching grapple.

The open structure ensures wood chips, dirt, snow etc., does not clog even in heavy use, such as occurs when working close to the ground.

Manufactured in Finland from Hardox steel, the JAK-400C is built to maximise the strength-to-weight ratio to ensure optimum performance in the field.

The JAK-400C can be fitted with an Accumulator. The Accumulator allows multiple branches to be cut at once, greatly increasing productivity when dealing with smaller material.

  • Product Code: JAK400C
  • Max Cutting Diameter: 400mm
  • Suitable Excavator Size: 14-30T
  • Working Pressure: 3600-4350psi (250-300 bar)
  • Required Oil Flow: 60L/min
  • Grapple Opening: 766mm
  • Attachment Weight: 675kg

*Cutting diameter is maximum only for soft wood. Hardwood reduces effective cutting diameter. Maximum cutting capacity is only achieved at max working pressure.

  • 12 Months from purchase date
  • Excludes blade, hydraulic hoses, misuse, loss of earnings
  • Excludes transport, travel and freight
  • Warranty is void if JAK is modified

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