NEW MODEL Excavator / Skid Steer WOOD PROCESSOR!!

Lift, cut, split and stack firewood from the comfort of the cab!

The HWP-150 features a hydraulically adjustable wedge and a longer grab arm that opens parallel to the log.  It cuts logs up to 22″ in diameter and it has more splitting power. Manufactured to the highest standard in Minnesota, USA, these machines can be mounted to your skid steer or excavator.
Unique full-process wood processor - lifts logs, cuts them with hydraulic chainsaw, splits, and stack where you want
Enables you to split firewood in all weather, from the comfort of your cab - very safe to use
Designed for commercial use using highest quality componentry
Process wood directly into your truck or trailer
Quick to attach/detach
Processes 1-2 cords per hour!
One man operation, with simple controls - takes the sweat and labour out of firewood
Can be fitted to any prime unit with suitable hydraulics, skid steers or excavators
Improve utilisation of your heavy equipment

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Key Features




Hydraulic Requirements: Minimum pressure 2850psi, 15-20gpm oil flow

Hydrauic Conections: 1-pressure, 1-return, 1-case-drain

Maximum Log Diameter: 22" / 550mm

Maximum Log Length: 12ft / 3.65m

Firewood Cut Lengths: Up to 22" / 560mm

Saw Bar: 32" Harvester Bar

Saw Chain:  .404 pitch / 18HX series

Saw Motor: Bent Axis Motor

Saw Oiler: Automatic 2qt / 1.9L tank

Splitter force: 27T

Splitter Wedge: 2-way & 4-way hydraulically adjustable. 6-way wedge optional


Weight: 750kg

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum production of the Halverson Wood Processor?

The maximum production rate of the Halverson machines is dependent on a range of factors, including log diameter, log type, and your site layout. Contact us to discuss how to optimize your operation to maximize production.

What are the main benefits of the Halverson Wood Processors?

The main benefits of the Halverson machine include the ability to lift, cut, split and stack with one machine and one operator; the ability operate in all weather conditions; health & safety; maximizing your prime unit's uptime in quiet periods; and the ability to split a range of timbers. All these benefits are obtained while producing firewood at a very reasonable production rate! 



12 Months 

Warranty for original purchaser, not transferable

Excludes any damage to parent machine

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