Designed specifically for fast, thorough and effective pasture aeration, the BM300-AG is our most popular model.

The 3m width fits through most gateways and with a total of 16 tine hubs with 4 tines each, covers the ground very effectively.

Manufactured here in NZ, Ground-Hog aerators come in a range of widths from 1.5m to 3.6m and wider - contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ideal for dairy farmers and sheep/beef operations, this machine effectively aerates the ground, with the lean and twist on the tines lifting and shattering the soil profile. The improved aeration allows air and vital nutrients deeper into the root zone, driving root depth lower and improving yields.

Combine the Ground-Hog with the Lehner SuperVario spreader to create the ultimate one-pass pasture renovation tool!

The 0-5 degrees shaft adjustment allows you to aerate in a range of soil moisture conditions - the larger the shaft angle the more aggressive the aeration. The lean and twist combines with the shaft angle to increase the disturbance to the soil.

Compared to a subsoiler, on 0 degrees the Ground Hog leaves very minimal surface disturbance - you can put stock in the same paddock soon after aeration. The rolling action and high tine density - 4 tines per row - means there is no ridging or disturbance created by the Ground-hog.

The rolling tine action of the Groundhog requires a lot less pulling than a subsoiler or leg aerator, reducing horsepower consumption and increasing speed. Since you can get the job done faster, the aerator can get used more often, improving the overall performance of your farm!

Contact us today to discuss pricing and the benefits a Groundhog can bring to your operation!

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Key Features



  • Product Code: BM300-AG
  • Overall Width: 3.15m
  • Effective Width: 3.15m
  • Tines: 200mm, Hardened and Forged. With Lean and Twist
  • No. of tines: 64
  • Mount: Tractor 3 Point Linkage
  • Tractor Size Required: 75hp+
  • Weight: 800kg 
  • 12 Months from date of delivery
  • Includes faults due to materials or manufacture
  • Excludes travel, freight, taxes
  • Excludes loss of profit or any other direct or indirect loss
  • Not transferable from original owner


Item is Freight Free to your nearest Mainfreight Depot.

Customer Reviews

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It's a Great Machine!

Very, very happy with what it is doing on our heavy dairy pasture. Appreciate the great service we have had from you guys too. Thank you


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