The fastest, easiest-to-use, portable, one-man Stump grinder on the market today! All Dosko stump grinders are designed with safety in mind. our front mounted cutter wheel provides maximum operator safety at all times. the five-position handlebar adjustment gives the operator a comfortable working position and at the same time complete control of the machine while grinding.

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Engine: 6Hp Commercial GX200 Honda
Cutting Capacity Below Grade: 9" / 230mm
Cutting Capacity Above Grade: 10" / 250mm
Cutter Disc: 10½" /270mm Diameter ½" / 12.7mm thick
Teeth: 4 x 500-series Greenteeth
Cutter Disc Speed: 4700 RPM
Tyres: 410-3.50 x 6 Adjustable Brake Band
Overall Width: 30" / 760mm
Overall Length (Folded Length): 56" / 1420mm (36" / 920mm)
Overall Height (Folded Height): 45" / 1140mm (23" / 590mm)
Overall Weight: 61kg


24 Months Chassis and weldments

12 Months Hydraulic motor, valves and pumps

Engine Covered under the terms and conditions as outlined by engine manufacturer

Warranty for original purchaser, not transferable

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