The GMR 1100 is a grab with fork junction meaning the fingers of the grab are linked. The grab has an opening of 1180mm and can lift 1.9 Ton. It can be used for a range of forestry applications including lifting, loading and clearing. Manufactured with high quality materials (Steel: S 700 – studs: 39 NiCrMo3 – bronze bushing pins) delivering high mechanical performance in terms of elasticity, resistance to breakage and yield strength. The shape of the claw and the body ensures a “clean” pick up with high capacity lift. Superior clamping force increases the amount of timber per grab.

Engineered in Italy, these grapples are perfect for farmers, rural property owners, and logging contractors.


  • Product Code: GMR 1100
  • Excavator Size Required: 2.5 - 3.5T
  • Oil Flow Requirements: 30 L/min
  • Max Pressure: 200 Bar / 2900psi
  • Lift Capacity: 1900kg
  • Max Jaw Opening: 1180mm
  • Weight: 85kg
  • 12 Months from date of delivery
  • Includes faults due to materials or manufacture
  • Excludes travel, freight, taxes
  • Excludes loss of profit or any other direct or indirect loss
  • Not transferable from original owner


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