These are heavy-duty models, very popular on Dairy and Sheep & Beef Farms. All AerWay and Ground-Hog aerators have 4 tines per row resulting in 25% more aeration than other brands. The Quick-Adjust tine shaft is able to be adjusted from 0 to 10 degrees in 2½ degree increments to enable use for aeration and/or cultivation.

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Overall Width: 3.6m

Effective Width: 3.6m

No. of Tines: 72

Mount: Tractor 3 Point Linkage

Tractor Size Required: 100HP+ 


12 Months  Parts and Labour

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Probably the best machine I have ever bought in all my years of farming

Purchased 2011, going very well, fantastic machine. We do the whole property every year, so the machine would have done over 2000 acres by now and I can't see much (if any) wear on the tines. We previously used discs for cultivation but they bring up too much timber. The AerWay is faster and does not bring up the stones and timber like the discs. So we use it for aerating the grassed areas and working the ground too. We travel at 12km/hr in the grassed paddocks. It is very economic; I can do 40ha to a 200L tank of gas. A James would burn up 200L after 10ha , bring up the timber and be much slower. These AerWay spikes are so hard that it just rolls over top. I don't think people realise how easy they are to pull and the fact it leaves a pasture after you have aerated. The AerWay is probably the best machine I have ever bought in all my years of farming and in my opinion, every one should have one. If the ground is sealed off, it won't grow grass. The AerWay is well made, simple, rigid, and we don't have breakages. To replace a tine or bearing is easier than discs or other machines.
I can't speak highly enough of it.

An important part of our soil and pasture management program

We use the aerator for two things. Firstly on ground where the cows have been, its very compacted and we run over to loosen it up and allow the air in. We also use the machine on our effluent blocks, it helps the effluent get through the surface and into the soil, great machine for that. I think we have noticed increased pasture growth; anything that helps roots get down is beneficial. The Aerator is an important part of our soil and pasture management program.

I reckon every seed germinated

I thoroughly recommend the product. It definitely gets easier the more you do it. Go down to full depth and it cultivates very well. Last year I ran that over on its most vicious setting, followed by a roto-spiking. It resulted in the best seedbed - I got a tremendous crop of kale - i reckon every seed germinated. It is easier on the Roto-spike as you don't have to take it so deep. As regards aeration, if we've had a dry time, if its been done in spring, the roots go down further and it stays greener for longer. Last spring it was noticeable how much less pugged the aerated areas were compared with non-aerated.

Every single dairy farmer should have one

A quick way of getting pasture back to where it should be. …every single dairy farmer should have one.
It fixes your root growth, compaction, ph, the full nine yards.

This machine has proven itself with great results

This machine has proven itself with results. We use it for both aeration and cultivation.
We run two dairy farms in coastal Taranaki. We are summer dry and have had historic problems with summer tolerance. We aerate the whole farm with the AerWay November/December, and have noticed significant results. The grass is greener longer into the summer, the roots are thicker and deeper, and pastures have continued to thickened up.
We use it for cultivation too. We run our heavy discs through pasture and then do a second run with the aerator, to help break the sods up, it has worked great for that.


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