Wood Chipper Safety

Operator Safety Recommendations

Always Consult your Owners Manual for a Complete Safety Guide
  • Wood chipper shredders can be very dangerous, even fatal, if not used properly.
  • The following are recommendations for the safe use of wood chippers.
  • All safety devices and controls, such as emergency shut-off devices, should be tested and confirmed to be in proper working order before the wood chipper is used.
  • Read the operators manual and be trained on the proper and safe use of the wood chipper shredder.
  • Inspect the wood chipper each time before use. Check for defects such as broken or missing hood latches and pins or cracked and worn hinges. Replace any damaged or missing machine parts before use.
  • Before starting the wood chipper shredder make sure that the hood that covers the chipper knives is completely closed and latched.
  • Never work alone while using a wood chipper. Have someone else there with you at all times during operation.
  • Wear protective gear such as a hardhat, eye protection and hearing protection.
  • Wear close fitting, tucked in clothing when operating a wood chipper shredder. You should wear gloves that don't have cuffs, pants without cuffs and slip resistant footwear.
  • When you are ready to begin putting materials into the wood chipper run it at the lowest possible speed and have someone else listen for any noise that might indicate broken or loose parts. If an unusual noise is discovered DO NOT use the wood chipper. Have a professional check out and/or repair the wood chipper if necessary.
  • Keep your hands and feet out of the in-feed hopper.
  • Always feed brush and tree limbs butt end first into the hopper of a wood chipper.
  • Work from the side of the wood chipper shredder. This will allow you to have quick access to the emergency shutoff This will also minimize the risk of getting tangled in the branches.
  • Move away from the wood chipper once it has grabbed the material intended for shredding.
  • Lay the shorter materials on top of the longer materials or use a long branch to push the shorter material through the in-feed hopper.
  • Load leaves and small twigs directly into the wood chipper truck, not into the in-feed hopper.
  • Keep the area around the wood chipper shredder clear of any tripping hazards.
  • Make sure that all internal machine parts have come to a complete stop before opening the hood that is covering the chipper disc or drum of the wood chipper.


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