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Where are petrol-powered post and peg drivers used for?

Our RHINO petrol-powered post and peg drivers used for driving a range of posts and pegs, including y-posts for rural fencing and construction site fencing, steel tube for a range of foundation and specialist applications, and wooden pegs for building foundations.

What are the benefits of using petrol-powered post and peg drivers?

Portable – petrol-powered post and peg drivers are fully portable meaning you no longer have to rely on electrical cords or compressed air or hydraulics. Fast – RHINO post drivers can drive posts into the ground many times faster than manually due to their high vibration rate.

What are the benefits of using a Ground-Hog aerator on my farm?

Ground-Hog Aerators are ideal for dairy farmers, sheep and beef farmers, and arable farmers looking to reduce compaction and pugging in pastures, as well as improve aeration in the subsoil. Ground-Hog aerators improve yields, increase root depth, and reduce ponding in your fields.

How does pasture aeration work?

Ground-Hog aerators feature a unique tine design that lifts and shatters the soil surface. This lift and shatter action ensures that the entire subsoil area is effectively fractured. This allows vital nutrients including oxygen, water and fertilisers, to penetrate below the soil surface and be better utilised by the plants.