The 3270 is one of the most popular of the Split-Fire Motorised range. Offering quality all-round, from its commercial Honda GX200 engine, to the box section beam, hard-wearing Carlisle highway tyres, and its 2-way splitting system. As one customer says, "if you've got a lot of wood to split, and you want the job done fast, this is the right machine."


Safety is the purchaser's responsibility. As standard this machine is not designed for workplace use, as it features a single operator lever.

If you're looking to use this machine for business use, please also purchase our Dual Handle Control System here.

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Key Features



  • Product Code: 3270
  • Splitting Force: 22 Tons Approx.
  • Cycle Time: 6 seconds per split / 11 seconds total cycle
  • Pump: 2 Stage, 11 Gallons per Minute
  • Stroke Length: 24" / 600mm
  • Ram Size: 3½"
  • Knife Height: 8" / 200mm, Heat treated steel
  • Engine: 6.5HP Honda GX200
  • Wheels: 4.80-12 Highway grade
  • Overall Width: 1020mm
  • Overall Length: 2800mm
  • Overall Height: 1010mm
  • Weight: 240kg
  • 12 Months from purchase date
  • Excludes transport, travel and freight
  • Warranty is void if machine is modified
  • Engine warranty covered by engine manufacturer

Item is Freight Free to your nearest Mainfreight Depot.

We can freight anywhere in NZ - usually for small additional cost. Please ask for a quote.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My mate has a 30T log splitter. This 3270 leaves it for dead

It's a long time since I've ever spent my money on something that's exceeded my expectations. It is one amazing log splitter. My mate has a 30T log splitter. This 3270 leaves it for dead. And we're doing tough, old man pine. Boy, this thng can cut!! It's done a power of work already. Me and my mate were using it, my mate was on the controls and i was loading the wood. Worked up a sweat trying to keep up with the thing! It's a great machine. If you ever need a reference, you've always got me.

...very powerful and cuts through the knots

Before we purchased this Split-Fire we hired a 13hp, 20 Ton splitter from the local hire centre. The Split-Fire has as much or more power, is much faster and uses much less fuel. It is very powerful and cuts through the knots. After 4 cubic meters it only used a cupfuel of fuel!

...job done fast

It's an amazing machine. It splits through everything. If you have a lot of wood to split and you want the job done fast, this is the right machine.

I couldn't wish for anything better

Going like a dream. She is an absolute wonder. I couldn't wish for anything better


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