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Tractor Powered Chippers vs Chipper/Shredders

August 05, 2021
Tractor Powered Chippers vs Chipper/Shredders

Chippers get called chippers, mulchers, and shredders. A question we often get asked is: what's the difference between a PTO chipper and a PTO chipper/shredder?

In short, a PTO Chipper has a single entry hopper and all brush, branches, twigs etc goes through the one hopper and chipping disc. A PTO Chipper/shredder has two entry hoppers - one feeding a chipping disc and one feeding a flail knife system.

Here we explain the pros and cons of both options in a bit more detail.

Tractor Powered Chippers

A tractor powered chipper has a single disc, and a single entry hopper. All material fed into the chipper 


  • Cheaper to buy
  • Simpler machine
  • Still produces satisfactory chip for most gardeners, orchardists etc.


  • For gravity fed machines, they don't deal with a lot of very twiggy, brushy or leafy material
  • Can't deal with very heavy or moist leaves e.g. autumn leaves, grasses, brassicas etc.
  • Produces larger and less consistent chip (but still satisfactory for 90% of users)

Tractor Powered Chipper / Shredders

A PTO chipper/shredder essentially combines two machines into one. It has one hopper feeding a disc with mounted knives, but and another vertical much larger hopper feeding a hammer-mill type flail system. Larger diameter material can be fed into the entry hopper that meets the chipping disc, while smaller brushy material can be fed into the vertical hopper.


  • Produces very fine mulch, of consistent size
  • With the large vertical hopper - brushy / twiggy cuttings can be loading in in bulk
  • A wide range of materials can be fed into the hopper - our customers have fed lucerne crops, cabbages and even seaweed!


  • Nearly twice the price of a basic chipper
  • Requires more horsepower for the same diameter capacity, for larger wood

The two main considerations are (a) what the bulk of the material you will be feeding actually like, and (b) the use you're requiring of the chip.

If you have any questions or would like to ask us more about these machines - contact us now!

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