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Taskpower is a Log Splitter specialist that offers a wide selection of models to meet the various needs of customers all over New Zealand.

Taskpower knows the importance of quality equipment that will do the job.  And if anything goes wrong - we back up our product with spare parts and technical help.

Give us a call.  We are ready to help.

3 Point Hitch Log Splitters
Towable Split-Fire Log Splitters
4 models from Split Fire.
The most efficient tractor powered Log Splitter.  Simple, Safe & Tough
Powerful, Reliable and Affordable.
For Home, farm and light commercial.
4 models from Split-Fire.
Fast, Efficient and Durable.  A high performance Log Splitter.
Find_out_more_Log_Splitter_Taskpower_New_Zealand Find_out_more_Log_Splitter_Taskpower_New_Zealand Find_out_more_Log_Splitter_Taskpower_New_Zealand
Tractor Powered Log Splitter
Skid Steer Log Splitter
Horizontal/Vertical tractor powered Log Splitters. Taskpower offers a total of 7 different tractor powered Log Splitters to cover all tractor sizes and everyones needs. 2 models of dedicated Skid Steer Log Splitters or any tractor model can be 'adapted' to suit.
Find_out_more_Log_Splitter_Taskpower_New_Zealand Find_out_more_Log_Splitter_Taskpower_New_Zealand Find_out_more_Log_Splitter_Taskpower_New_Zealand

Log Splitter by Type

Tractor Powered
Engine Powered/Towable

Skid Steer
Log Lifter
4 Way Knives
Wheel Options
Log Catcher

Log Splitter By Application


Split-Fire 3pt Hitch 3203
Split-Fire 3pt Hitch 3403
Split-Fire 3 point Hitch 4203
Split-Fire 3 point Hitch 4403

Split-Fire 3260
Split-Fire 3265
Heavy Duty

Split-Fire 4290
Split-Fire 4490

Split-Fire 3265
Split-Fire 3465
Split-Fire 4290
Split-Fire 4490


TASKPOWER is a family business that began trading December 2008.

TASKPOWER evolved from our previous business that sold and serviced the full range of outdoor power equipment with world leading brands, spare parts and workshop facilities from 1965-2009.

With many years of experience and products from the previous business, TASKPOWER began a determined journey of providing a range of quality equipment to customers all over New Zealand.                    read more...