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Ground Protection Mats

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NZ's Leader in Ground Protection Mats & Temporary Roadways


We've been New Zealand's leading provider of Ground Protection Mats to industry since 2014. Our signature range of high-quality, durable yet cost-effective matting has transformed the way many industrial, construction and service businesses operate in the field.

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What is ProtectaMat?

ProtectaMat is the name of our new division dealing solely in Ground Protection Solutions. Visit our website here -

Ground Protection Mats are the best way to protect sensitive surfaces from damage by heavy machinery, and to form a temporary roadway in otherwise impassable conditions. Ground Protection Mats have many applications across the construction, utility, infrastructure and sports/turf industries.

Rated to 80 tonnes, ProtectaMats are able to support a range of vehicles from heavy cranes, trucks and utes right down to pedestrians.

Our Ground Protection Mats are great for traversing the following:-
  • Residential Lawns
  • Parks & Reserves
  • Paving & murals
  • Asphalt
  • Sand / Beaches
  • Farmland
  • Any soil

Two Variants

Grip Both Sides
Great for the protection of soft surfaces such as grass, and providing traction and temporary roadways on sites.
Smooth One Side
These versatile mats protect firmer surfaces such as asphalt, paving and concrete from damage by heavy machinery, and are also great for ultra-fine turf applications.

What about EuroMats and AlturnaMats?

EuroMats and AlturnaMats are our previous brand of Ground Protection Mat:
EuroMats are exactly the same product as ProtectaMat. Manufactured in Europe, each mat has handles around the edge and is extremely easy to handle, stack, walk on and drive over.
AlturnaMats are the market leading mat in the USA, and are still manufactured in Titusville, PA. These mats are no longer cost-effective for the NZ market, but ProtectaMats are every bit as good!

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Taking vehicles and equipment places they haven't been before

Ground Protection Mat Testimonials

"The [Ground Protection Mats] are protecting heritage tree roots while we track around on diggers. Being able to move them by hand is great. They have got some integrity to them - they spread the weight really well. They work great and the client is happy - good product!"
Isaac Construction

"A key part of our operation now"


TASKPOWER is a family business that began trading December 2008.

TASKPOWER evolved from our previous business that sold and serviced the full range of outdoor power equipment with world leading brands, spare parts and workshop facilities from 1965-2009.

With many years of experience and products from the previous business, TASKPOWER began a determined journey of providing a range of quality equipment to customers all over New Zealand.                    read more...


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